Career opportunities

My participation in OutReachy Internship program enables me to have good experience in open source contributions and to interact With poeple from diverses backgrounds. It widens my understanding in open source communities and contributions to society.
In addition, I built my skills in data analysis and Machine Learning With R programming to boost my resume. Finally I have built networks and received guidances to help me Build my career in research and open source languages.

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created on 20/02/2022 at 17h37

Mid-point project progress blog post

Our Project in MboaLab has been progressing well so far. We have redesigned the MboaLab website to make it more attractive, responsive and secured. Currently we are implenting our design. As far as the data collection on Typhoid Fever is concerned, we designed a survey questions and used an open source data collection Platform to implement it.

During this first half of the OutReachy Internship in MboaLab project, I have been able to learn New skills mainly in data analysis and R programming. I learnt about new machine Learning methods such as ''decision Tree'' and ''Rough Set Theory (RST). I was able to implement and train our first Machine Learning model based on decision Tree☺️.

However the design and the implementation of the MboaLab website is taking more Time than initially scheduled because of the New architecture, tools and contents to be put into place. Also implementing the RoughSets theory using R seems challenging💪.

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created on 23/01/2022 at 15h23

Think about your audience : My OutReachy project in MboaLab

Project : Improve diagnostics of typhoid through Open Science: An Artificial Intelligence-based technique.

Goal: Reduce deaths caused by Typhoid Fever by Combining New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence with an irreplaceable human clinician to advance earlier and better diagnosis of Typhoid Fever.
We propose to use the microcultures test with the blood which seems to be the best accepted by the laboratory technicians. We will use algorithms (computer programs) on the collected images to train the algorithm and get better accuracies in the diagnostics.

1) Design interviews for practitioners in order to collect the associations of symptoms that confirm the disease and its level of severity.

2) Images collection taking into account the different ethnic groups, gender and age in order to have a heterogeneous dataset to allow us to avoid the biases that may arise and undermine the use of our solution.

3) Design and implement a computer program that will use Convolutional Neural Networks (Artificial Intelligence) to train blood test images and to diagnose Typhoid Fever.

4) Design and implement a decision making computer program to confirm the diagnose Typhoid Fever based on symptoms.

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created on 18/01/2022 at 06h47 and modified on 18/01/2022 at 06h57

Everyone Struggles - My Struggles

Hi everyone,
To efficiently contribute to the MboaLab project as OutReachy Intern, I need to improve my skills in differents aspects including Angular programming, Machine Learning Models (Decision Tree, Rough Set Theory).
I Struggles a lot on Angular framework because of my Low internet connexion to install, implement and run Angular Apps.
Rough Set Theory Algorithm was also a Struggle for me as all the ressources I found was written in R programming.
To overcome these Struggles, I got support from mentors who adviced me to learn R programming which is what I am Currently doing. Mentors have also recommended my some useful ressources.

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created on 03/01/2022 at 09h35

My first step in R programming

Today I have started Learning R programming. R is an open source language use for statistics and data analysis. It is also mostly used by scholars and R&D.
It has more than 100,000 packages including machine Learning libraries you Can install to implement machine Learning Algorithms.
I am so exicted about the New skills I am getting. I am eager to learn more and become an expert.

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created on 29/12/2021 at 18h08

I run Decision Tree Machine Learning Algorithm

Today I am So happy to see my first Machine Learning Program using Decision Tree running. I used python to implement it.
This acheivement is very helpful for the assignments concerning my OutReachy Internship.

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created on 27/12/2021 at 12h09

Learning new web development skills in Angular

***To help revamp the MboaLab website my co-worker recommended me some online ressources very useful to get some Coding skills in Angular.
***Collaboration With our mentors and co-worker is very good and motivates me everyday to give my best.

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created on 19/12/2021 at 06h36

Passionate to learn more about Machine Learning

*** I want to learn more on different machine Learning techniques.
*** Thanks to my MboaLab Mentors I received ressources which are lightning me on some ML Techniques such as RST (Rough Set Theory)
*** RST is used to Find dependency between the data attributes, Reduction of superfluous attributes, Finding the most significant attributes,and Decision Rule generation which will be used for Decision making.

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created on 10/12/2021 at 21h11 and modified on 14/12/2021 at 09h39

Begining of my Journey With OutReachy Internship in MboaLab

*** I had my first online meeting With MboaLab mentors on 6th December 2021.

*** I was so impressed to see how good they welcomed us and provided us With a well organised schedule of the tasks to do.

*** Now it is Time to work☺️
*** My first assignments is to browse MboaLab website at and suggest and implement some updates to make it more attractive and responsive.

The more I browse MboaLab website the more I discover about their activities for the good of human community.
Thanks Dear Mentors😘

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created on 09/12/2021 at 18h53 and modified on 09/12/2021 at 18h56

Why I Applyed for OutReachy Internship Program?

They are many reasons why I applied for the OutReachy Internship Program managed by the Software Freedom Conservancy (the nonprofit charity home of Outreachy).

In fact, the Outreachy internship will give me great opportunity to work together with international, multicultural and diverse backgrounds people from all over the world.
This will also enable me to learn from others, widden my understandings, challenge myself, learn new skills and contribute for my first time into an open source free software project.
As an intern in the MboaLab on the project "Improve diagnostics of typhoid through Open Science: An Artificial Intelligence-based technique", I have the opportunity to do something meaningful which will create positive impact on communities lives.

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created on 04/12/2021 at 12h28 and modified on 04/12/2021 at 12h30
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